Peru: New Month, New Activities!

Hola todos! this si the Peru team here with an update about this past week!

Throughout this past week, we have been focusing primarily on witnessing and continuing to share about the various principles we learn and share about in CARP. We were joined by a Cheon Il Guk Missionary staff member, Naomi Froelich on Saturday, March 2nd, and despite her busy schedule, she foudn some opportunities to go out witnessing with us and join for a few lectures too!

On Sunday, March 3rd, the Cheon Il Guk Missionaries left for a one day reflection workshop with Naomi Froelich. We traveled to a new town that was four hours away by bus, called Churin. We stayed at a beautiful hotel for the night and received some guidance from our older sister figure, Naomi, the next day. Afterwards, we went to a natural hot springs to spend our last few hours there in Churin before we started our four hour trip back to Lima.

Currently, we are preparing for our very first event as American missionaries here in Peru! We are planning to host it this week on Saturday, in the evening. Although we are a bit nervous, we are also very excited for our upcoming event, and for this new week!