Dominican Republic: Greetings from the Highest Point in the Caribe!


Our team was supposed to upload a blog last Wednesday, but we did not have service to be able to do so- why? Because we were on our way of trucking along a 7hour hike to the peak of Pico Duarte; the highest point in the Caribe island!

We welcomed 22 participants from Generation Peace Academy (GPA) on February 25 and two days later, we are offering a prayer at the peak of Pico Duarte with thin air and a beautiful view. We left drove out at 4am Wednesday morning and began our hike at 9:30AM and arrived at the base of the peak between 5:00- 7:00 (depending on how fast/slow your group was). We had mules carry our belongings, made fire, ate dinner, put on some more layers and welcomed the stars as night fell. We were able to join GPA on writing out gratitude points before officially calling it a day. It was so beautiful; 25-30 people around the fire all looking back on the day and making something of it- a lesson, determination, and/or love from God.

The following day, we left the base at 4:00AM to hike 2-3hours to get to the peak to watch the sunrise- but it was foggy! But that didn’t stop us from still feeling accomplished, amazed, and grateful. The director of GPA lead a powerful prayer for the victory and success of Dominican Republic and for us- both GPA and missionaries to be able to serve this country under His name.

Saturday was another day in which we got to enjoy a beautiful part of Creation- a day at the Grande Playa! Together with GPA and CARP members, we drove out from 5:00AM to a beautiful coast. The waves were big but calm- we went out on sea with boogie boards, ate lunch, played games on the sand, and did some ice breakers. We are expecting the 2.5 weeks will be an exciting time for GPA, missionaries, CARP members and communities around!