Peru: Vamos a Chile!

Hola todos~!

This js Peru team here, with another update of this past week’s events!

With all the practically nonstop witnessing and lectures we’ve been doing lately, it’s been hard to find moments to breathe! However, on Friday April 12, to Sunday April 14, the Peru team received the opportunity to travel to Chile! Former homeland of our very own witnessing team leader, Kana Ishii, we spent three days in the new country for both practical reasons (renewing our three month visas) and for some time to just relax, and refresh ourselves for our last month in our mission country of Peru. During this time, we stayed over at the house of a family that Kana had grown up with during her time in Chile. They were wonderful hosts, and made sure we felt right at home from the beginning to the end!

Throughout the three days, our staff member, Rosia Schmidt, gave us small guidances on the importance of our mission in Peru. She led small discussions and sharing sessions in between, as we talked about our experiences so far, what we have been able to learn up until now, and how we want to redetermine for the remaining portion of our mission in this beautiful country. Most importantly, we discussed and reflected about how we want to end our time here on our mission: proudly, powerfully, and victoriously! Not just within ourselves individually, but as one unified team!

During this time, we even had the opportunity to meet Reverend Seo and Reverend Lee, two important leaders from Bolivia! We received a lecture / guidance on the importance of the heart behind witnessing from Reverend Seo, who was the leader who had started off the witnessing training period in CARP Brazil. Afterwards, we received some lessons on the different exercise we can do to take care of our bodies from Reverend Lee, a professional doctor in natural medicines. Afterwards, we visited the downtown area to eat dinner, and tour around a little.

In between these reflection, discussion, and guidance sessions, a few of Kana Ishii’s friends took the time out of their schedules to give us a few small tours to various places in Chile, and introduce us to the various cuisines as well! Although the weather during the first two days were significantly colder compared to the eternal warmth we had grown used to in Peru, our team were still able to have a lot of fun, walking around the city of Santiago! As a bonus… none of us got sick!!! Yaaay!!!

On April 14, Sunday evening, we were returned to Peru and were instantly given a warm welcome back to our home by Dokhwa Miraval and Senor Omar. Although receiving the opportunity to go to Chile was amazing, it was wonderful coming back to our home away from home!

After our adventures in Chile, our team has jumped straight back into our witnessing activities - there’s never a dull moment in this country! With renewed strength and energy from the guidances and rejuvenation we had received during our time in Chile, our team is excited to plow straight into this new week with even stronger determinations than before!

Group Picture with the Grange Family Before Leaving for the Airport!

Group Picture with the Grange Family Before Leaving for the Airport!