Costa Rica: Music and Culture

Hola Todos!

After a busy schedule two weeks ago, this past week was a little quieter. CARP on the whole is feeling pretty well worn, but in the best sense of it. So many activities and events have been happening, it can be hard to keep up, but they are certainly always very enjoyable and give us a clear sense of purpose in our work here.

This week has been more focused on spending time individually with CARP members, both old and new. We were able to do some study sessions with a few new members as well as play sports with some older members. Costa Rica is a country where people value conversation and quality time, so we do a lot to fill that desire with people and it helps to create that environment of love that CARP is all about.

Sunday was our busiest day. For Church service we had our monthly Wake Up service, which is kind of like an update for everyone about local CARP activities and events of the past month as well as more international occurrences. We usually make a video, and offer songs and performances as well. This week, Shogo Nakaza was asked to give a short testimony about his time in Costa Rica so far.

In the afternoon we had our Bi-anual CARP Concert for Peace. It was a chance for CARP members to prepare and present dances, songs, instrumental pieces, and even videos that they had created. It was a public event, and many people came for the first time. Overall it was a huge success.

Now we are heading into a week of full rest. It’s Semana Santa or Holy Week before Easter, so the school is closed and our witnessing opportunities are limited. However, we will be back in action this weekend with a service project, so our excitement will be building for that!

Until then, Ciao!