Czech Republic: Five Day Workshop, Events, and Final Month

Hello everyone! Here is the update to the main events of Czech Republic, beginning from the middle of April until the end.

On Saturday, April 13th, CARP hosted a half day sightseeing trip to experience the blooming flowers of spring with students and youth from the community. Traveling all the way to St. Vitus Cathedral located within Prague Castle, it was a time spent admiring beautiful views and having a joyous and fulfilling time as a family of students and brothers and sisters from around Europe.

On April 18th to the 22nd, CARP hosted their five day Divine Principle retreat workshop! With participants coming from around Europe, such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and of course, Czech Republic, participants received lectures delving into various universal principles. The workshop also consisted of sports, team bonding, visiting various areas of Prague, and sharing deeply with one another.

The next week, April 24th, CARP hosted Game Night, inviting students to enjoy time with another. Firstly receiving a guidance/inspiration towards what changes can be made in one’s life to starting a day strong, the night concluded with playing various icebreaker games.

On April 25, CARP hosted DP talk, with the topic, “How to resolve conflict in my relationships?”. Andy, a student studying in Prague from Ukraine, shares what he could gain from his team’s discussion, as well as determinations going into the new week.

Finally, with all of CIGYM concluding their time in their countries, the Czech Republic team prepares for their final events, of hosting a two-day workshop, as well as leaving their final marks towards CARP, still continuing to build relations with the many students and young people coming to the youth center and delving deeper into universal principle studies.