Scotland: Sushi+Friends+Quality Time=Love

Hey y’all Scotland team here. So much has happened here in Scotland this past week especially during the weekend. It was filled with new kinds of events. On Saturday we decided to invite some of our participants to our good friend, Shinyi’s place for a day of relaxation, enjoying each other’s company by making sushi and watching a movie. We wanted to share some of the Japanese culture to the people of Scotland. It was a good way to share world culture to people as some of them had never tried sushi before. Afterwards we gathered around the T.V and watched “Spider-Man into the Spider Verse” it was a great way to end the long week, what could be better then sushi, friends and a movie? One of our friends said “The sushi was really good. First time ever trying it and was actually fun to make”

The next day we attended church, and the main speakers this time was us! We had the opportunity to share with the families here what we’ve been up to for these past 2 months, explaining how we ended up here, what our goal is, the process it took us to get here and more. It was a good chance for us to share to the people who have been supporting our stay here.

After church, we hung out with our good friend, Shinyi. We finally got the chance to go to one of the most popular pizzeria’s called Paesano Pizza. It was our first time to experience what an authentic Italian pizza tastes like, and sorry Pizza Hut, you’re no match for Paesano. it was so filling some of us struggled finishing our own pie but we managed to finish. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore Shinyi took us out for ice cream. Guys, that was some fancy ice cream store, and it was good. Thank you Shinyi for treating us out, we felt to much love from it. Food is love:) Afterwards we walked around a nearby park to burn off some of those calories and we ended the day with a nice game of Avalon.

It was a jam packed weekend, but it was well worth it spending time with our friends and one another, it was a great time to just bond and have fun. But on the side note we also had our usual things such as tribe talk, and this past week we hit a record of 15 participants!

tribe talk.jpg