Peru: Rejuvenation and Redetermination Workshop with CARP!!!

Hola from Peru team!!!

It’s been a little bit more of a relaxing week here with CARP Peru!

After witnessing for the first few days, we held a three day workshop with the CARP members! However, unlike past workshops and events we held, this one was made specifically for our missionary team and the CARP members to take a small break, receive some guidance, and reflect about our determinations for these next few months! Since universities and colleges here have closed for a couple days in celebration of Semana Santa - a holiday called Holy Days, celebrated here in Peru in worship and celebration of Jesus Christ - we were able to take this opportunity to focus on ourselves and digesting the experiences of the past few months here in Peru, as well as squeeze in some bonding time with the other CARP members.

On Thursday, April 18th, we started off the workshop by spending the whole day outside at a beach close by, playing soccer, volleyball, and even some card gams in between. It was a great time for everybody to release any stress, and to just simply enjoy being outside in the wonderful weather!

On Friday, April 19th, we received guidances and lectures from the CARP leader, Dokhwa Miraval. During this day, we received guidances on the principles and values we practice and share here at CARP, and the importance behind them.

On Saturday, April 20th, we spent the whole day taking some much needed time to reflect about the past three months - good experiences, bad experiences, whether we were able to achieve our goals and determinations in growing our character, and our determinations for the next three months. After taking some time to reflect, we got into small groups, and shared with each other about our reflections. It was a nice time for all of us to better support each other, and hear how each other have been doing.

Now, we’re preparing for our last month of witnessing activities here with CARP. We’ll be starting off this last month with another member change for the witnessing team! After getting reenergized from the workshop, we’re ready and prepared to jump straight back into witnessing this next week!