Scotland: Warmth Found in Friendship and Sun

Hey y’all Scotland team here, apologies for not updating the past week, ‘twas a busy week for us but here’s a recap of the past week! We had a special guest come visit us from the states this week, Luke H. he’s one of the guys that supports our program back in the states. It was nice having him around sharing our experiences here so far and showing him what we’ve been up to. We also had the chance to tour around one of the big soccer (or as Europe calls it football) teams here in Glasgow, the Celtic’s. It was great experiencing the culture of football here in Europe.


Usually on Thursdays we have Tribe Talk, but it wasn’t just tribe talk that happened on Thursday this past week but it was also one of our team member’s Miyuki’s birthday. Happy birthday to Miyuki, she turned 21! We celebrated it by having ice cream in the morning! On the side note, Tribe Talk was once again successful with a total of 19 participants this week!

On Saturday we had a surprise appointment to be interviewed on the radio. So we woke up early and headed to the Glasgow radio station. During the interview we had the chance to share with the public what we’ve been up to, what inspired us to be here in Scotland and shared more about the events we do like Tribe Talk and DeeP Talk. It was a first time experience to be interviewed on the radio for many of us!

The weather has started to become nicer here in Scotland, hotter and sunnier days. So on Saturday we decided together with some of our participants to go out for a nice day of hiking, sports and relaxation. We went to a nearby nature park for the day, it was great to enjoy the nature around us, the weather and each others company.

Finally on Sunday after service (which was given by Luke) we had the chance to go to the beach! After a long week of activities, it nice to end the week by relaxing at the beach enjoying the sun and scenery.


That’s all for now so see you next week!