Costa Rica: Service and Reflection


Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since we last posted. Much has transpired in that time. Starting with Monday April 15, while everyone was busy finishing their taxes, we were busy raising money for our cause. We had a big project coming up, so we spent the day fundraising in downtown San Jose. It was also a chance for us missionaries to pass on our fundraising wisdom and experience to the local members. It was a tiring experience, but well worth it, and we were able to exceed our goal by a lot. Everyone was able to have a good experience.

Then we got to the weekend of April 20 and 21 and the exciting things happened! We had a two day HEROES workshop. HEROES is an offshoot of CARP here in Costa Rica specifically focused on service projects and discussions on social issues. The first day was a trip to the coast to clean up the beach at Punta Arena. We took a bus altogether, about 30 of us, and once we got there we got to work. Together, we were able to clear a whole strip of beach off garbage, large and small. It went by pretty fast when we all worked together.

The next day we had the second part of our workshop, focusing on Indigenous people. They spent the morning listening to some lectures and presentations as well has participating in a few activities around this theme. As missionaries, our job was to cook breakfast an lunch, so we were only there for a little while. But it went very well, and we had a blast.

That’s it for now. As we have less than a month left in Costa Rica, we’ll be sure make our last few weeks here really special. Until then, thank you for reading!