Peru: New Week, New Team!

Hola todos~!

It’s Peru team here with another update of this past week here in this beautiful country!

This week, we actually started off with another member change with our witnessing team! Max, one of the CARP members here in Peru, has joined our witnessing team for the rest of the time we have here in this country! Jonas Castro, unfortunately, will not be continuing on with us. However, he moved on to his new mission within CARP with a bright smile, excited for the new experiences that lay ahead waiting for him! We had an amazing witnessing period with him this past month, and hope the best for him in this next portion of his journey!

This week, we also had the wonderful chance of welcoming three new members to our CARP family! These three will be joining CARP as full-time members, and participate in the two year course we have here in CARP - studying and practicing the various values and principles we teach here, and learning how to become good, positive leaders and characters for their communities and country! Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of them at the moment, but we’ll be posting them next week! So make sure to look out for them!

On Monday, April 22, we had a reflection meeting about the last month of witnessing. Taking some much needed time to reflect back on the various experiences we had during the past witnessing period, we shared openly with the team about the various challenges we had faced, what we had been able to learn along the way, and most importantly, what determinations we wanted to make for this next month, especially since we only have a few weeks left before we return to the USA! It was a wonderful opportunity to share, and get a better idea on how we can improve and better support each other as a team, not only for ourselves, but for the various people we invite here to CARP as well, to better help them in having a good experience whenever they visit us!

On Thursday, April 25th, we had the opportunity to celebrate one of our new friends’ birthdays! We had a mini celebration and surprise gift for her when she came by. Since we waited until the last minute, it was completely unexpected for her, and she was just as surprised as she was happy with the gift.

Currently, our team is preparing for an event we will be hosting on Saturday, May 4th. We are hoping that through this event, we will be able to help build connections between the new and old CARP members! It will be the second time we are hosting an event here in Peru, so we are all pretty nervous and excited in equal amounts! We will also be holding a sports day on Sunday, the day after the event, so we’re looking forward to a pretty busy week, with all the preparation and planning we need to do in between witnessing activities! All in all, a pretty normal time here in CARP.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you come back next week to hear how it went!