Czech Republic: Unity for North and South Korea!

Ahoj! Czech here with a check in of the main activities throughout the week!

On Sunday, March 31, the last day of March, CARP and the local community of FFWPU walked together to Letna park, next to the Vltava river, to submit a video for the Choral Project of support towards the reunification of the unity of North and South Korea. Wearing traditional Korean and Czech clothing, the group sang “Tongil”, a traditional Korean song with the meaning of unity. STF, GPA and KTGY take a photo together to commemorate their time together in Czech Republic.

CARP holds a soccer game on the weekend as well, with CIGYM brothers David and Mune spending the entire day with Filip, whom Mune met the very first day coming to Czech Republic, and bonded with deeply. The sisters Younng Joo and Helen represent the CIGYM team, and enjoy victory in the match against the opposing European team.

On Wednesday, CARP hosted Croatian night! With eight new faces to the event, STF sisters Naomi and Julia MC’d with a presentation of the beauty and history of Croatia, following learning a traditional Croatian dance, and ending with a famous children’s game similar to hide-and-seek. Sadly, no pictures were taken, but the event was a huge success. Participants could also enjoy a delicious homemade Croatian Dinner made by mothers from the community


And lastly, some of the studies of the Divine Principle throughout the week at the youth CARP center. CARP Czech says goodbye to STF, who will be helping with activities in Spain for the weekend, and will come back and conclude their final week with CARP until they conclude their time in Czech.