Peru: Welcoming People both New and Old!

Hola todos~!

This is Peru team here again, with an update of this past week!

There haven’t been as many activities happening this week, especially compared to the first month when we arrived! It has become a bit quieter, now that most of the CARP members have left for a ten day mission in different cities - they will be fundraising for the next ten days, to support the various activities they do.

From Thursday to Saturday afternoon, the remaining CARP members and staff held a three day Divine Principle workshop, with Dokhwa Miraval and Senor Omar as the main lecturers. Although we couldn’t really help out much, it was fun getting to know the workshop participants a little in the spare time we had in between witnessing activities. By the end of the workshop, two of the participants agreed to join CARP and become full-time members! They will be starting their two year course, and living with us at the CARP center! Welcome brothers!

On Sunday, we went out for a surprise dinner with all the remaining CARP members. We went to a local restaurant and spent the evening together for some bonding time.

On Monday, April 8th, our missionary team spent some time at a local cafe to catch up with each other on how we’ve been and how the week had been so far. Later in the evening, we welcomed one of the staff members, Rosia Schmidt, to our Peruvian home! She will be staying with us for this next week, giving us guidance and supporting us wherever we may need.

This week has been a lot more quiet compared to the other weeks, but it has given us more time to invest fully into the people we have met already, and get some free time to really get to know them further! We’re excited for the events in this new upcoming week, and the experiences it will bring!