Costa Rica: Nearing the End

Hola Todos!

The days just keep getting busier! And with the end of our mission in sight, we’ve been going at lighting speed! As always, we had an array of experiences ranging from the every day to abnormal and special. Like finding a beautiful waterfall by the side of a mountain road.


We spent much of the week attending to responsibilities and spending time with CARP. There’s always a lot to do planning events, but sometimes it’s nice to get lunch and chat a well. We had a nice afternoon with Valeria Sanchez, and we talked about everything from life to Japanese tong twisters. It’s nice to have a chance to expand our way of thinking.


The weekend brought more fun. Saturday May 4th we were able to take trip with some of the CARP members and missionaries to the Aguas Zarcas hot springs. It was a fun day of relaxation and exploration. Because unlike many hot springs, here we were able to actually swim in the river. It was hot, like boiling hot! But certainly the whole trip was a lot of fun.

Sunday May 5th we had to opportunity to go and see a play on the UCR campus performed by students. It was an original play about the 7 deadly sins. 3 of the CARP members played lead parts, so it was great to be able to come and support them.

As we find that the end approaches rapidly, we are committed to making the most out of the last of our time. Thanks for reading! See you next week!