Peru: Kicking Off the Start of Our Last Week

Hola todos~!

It’s Peru team here again, with another update on the activities we have been doing in this beautiful country!

Our time in this country is almost coming to a close, but we’re still busier than ever!

This past week was mainly invested into our witnessing activities, with a tiny break of walking along the beach for a breather along the way. Since our remaining time here is quickly dwindling away, many people we have met over the past few months have been rushing to hang out with us as much as possible before that dreaded day comes. Although this past week was one of the busiest, our team had a lot of fun bouncing between lectures, and simply talking and playing card games with the people who came through. Rather than focusing on the amount of time we have left, we’re planning to make the most of the time we have with our friends in serving this country to the best of our abilities!