Costa Rica: A Week to Go

Hola Todos!

We’re back with more tales of adventure! It’s been a really fun week, actually. Even though we have such a short time left and it can be pretty stressful, it’s also been a great time for us to reflect, spend time with our friends and family here, and really experience God’s love through all our activities.


We were blessed early in the week with a visit from one of our GPA staff, Rosia Schmidt. Even though she was only with us for a short time, a couple of days, she made a huge impact on us with her kindness and ability to listen and advise so expertly. She helped us to digest all our experiences over the past few months and set goals and determinations for the future, wherever in may lead us. We were very glad to have her. And with her we got to take a trip on Monday May 6 to Caratara del Toro, a beautiful waterfall a few hours outside the city. It’s the largest in the country, and it truly was breathtaking, with a layer of fog and cloud and an onslaught of rain. We slipped and slid on the rocks to our hearts content.

Then on Saturday May 11 we had our last event that we put on as American missionaries. “Dueños de un Corazón Verdadero” or Owners of a True Heart, was a 1 day workshop about how to develop true love and selflessness. We had a few activities facilitated by Elijah Maddox and Josh Fujikake, and two talks, on by a CARP member, Eduardo Balboa and the other by our own Shogo Nakaza. It was a fun workshop, and very well received by the attendees.

So that’s it for now. We’ve got one week left, so were going to make the most of it and have some amazing experiences and closures. We’ll let you know about it soon!