Czech Republic: Outings, DP Talk and Service Project!

Ahoj! Czech Republic here with a short update from some activities from the end of April until the beginning of May.

On April 27, CIGYM hosted a board game and outing day with students to bond and enjoy the Saturday together.

On May 1, Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) hosted a service project in collaboration with CARP and YSP(Youth and Students for Peace). Although the service project was canceled due to the bad weather, CARP students could spend the afternoon enjoying time with Angels for Peace, a group of young people dedicated to traveling the world promoting peace in cultures and countries through dance.

On May 2, CARP hosted their last DP talk with specific topics. In the following weeks, new topics and deeper levels of discussion will be held. With three new faces to join the event, students shared and discussed how to create deeper levels of love in relationships, and determined for the upcoming week what they would like to work on towards their friends, family, and peers.

In the next update, Angels for Peace will perform at a larger event hosted by Women’s Federation for World Peace which is supported and joined by CARP, as well as an outing day and a one day True Love Seminar prepared by CIGYM and CARP!