Peru: Hosting Our Third Youth Event!!!

Hola todos~!

It’s Peru team here with another update of this past week!

Throughout this past week, in between witnessing activities, our team has been preparing for our third youth event! We held it this Saturday, on May 5th, and many people we’ve met through our witnessing activities came by! We had the opportunity to catch up with people both old and new, and our friends had the opportunity to meet all the Peruvian CARP members for the first time, too!

Although the event was very short, we had alot of fun playing icebreaker games planned by Yasuhiro Ishiyama and Sotetsu Honda to get to know each other more! Afterwards, the newly appointed CARP director, Dokhwa Miraval, gave a presentation about CARP, and the various activities we do throughout the year. During this time, Fuyu Fujioka gave a small testimony, sharing about how her experiences through CARP had changed her life. After all the presentations, the witnessing team offered everyone a song and dance they had prepared for them, and we all ended the night with a group photo, and some snacks!

It was a pretty busy week, juggling witnessing activities and event planning together, but by the end, we had a lot of fun with the event, with some much needed bonding time with everybody!

We are currently preparing to go into our second to last full week of witnessing time here in Peru, along with another, miniature workshop we will be holding this upcoming Saturday. We hope to see you again next week, with an update on how it went!