CARP is a campus club located in universities world wide. They have a vision to create a global movement to raise young leaders of character and support college students to find purpose for their lives. Activities include studying core values of personal development, holding discussion nights of important topics, and serving the nearby communities. Our missionaries will be working closely together with CARP to support achieving our shared goals.


overseas countries

Costa Rica

This will be our second year working with CARP Costa Rica. We will be continuing former  projects and activities in the city of San Jose.


Dominican republic

Generation Peace Academy has previously done service projects in the capital. Our missionaries this year will be returning this time to work together side by side with CARP Santo Domingo.


czech republic

This is the first time our missionaries are going to this country all the way in Europe, doing activities together with CARP Prague which is in the capital.


Service in Florida

During the first portion of this years journey, The missionaries went to Florida to support disaster relief, working with the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) and the Christian Disaster Response (CDR) from October 1~8. 

The group first received a day of training with Dr. Ron Patterson, a former Christian pastor and now the head of Christian Disaster Response.  After the training they went off to the more remote areas of Florida that were hit by hurricane Irma. They focused on gathering information door to door from the hurricane disaster victims, and assessing their needs – such as food, medicine, housing  and then sending the information to ARC(American Red Cross) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The group also supported local families in need by removing debris and fallen trees from yards and homes.