Kenzo Tanaka

Hello! I am originally from Japan but currently live in Colorado with my beautiful family. Working as a youth leader for the past 17 years has given me the chance to see the inspiration and passion of the young people and guiding them on their journey of self-discovery and growth brings me immense joy. This will be my third year working as the coordinator for the American Cheon Il Guk Missionary group, and I’m excited to work with this year’s group to bring more victory in moving towards the fulfillment of God’s dream.


Rosia Schmidt

Hi! I’m originally from New York, but I currently live in Wisconsin with my husband. I am a staff for this program because I believe that sharing our faith with others is the best way we can comprehend and appreciate the truth we have been given. As the daughter of a missionary, I know that this kind of opportunity can change lives and I am so excited to be a part of encouraging young, bright Americans to be a positive impact in this world. I have found that when we decide to be a force for good in this world we allow God to fill our lives with love, joy, and fulfillment.

Christine Froehlich

Special Advisor